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  • Exhibition Reasons
    ◆ Launched in 1999, after 16 sessions’ development, the 17th session of exhibition will be held in National Convention and Exhibition Centre (Shanghai), which is the world famous industrial brand exhibition.
    ◆ The exhibition area will cover 182,250m2 and even exceed 200,000m2 in 2015.
    ◆ There are 2,101 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions.
    ◆ The exhibition accept domestic and foreign audiences of 141,315 person/times, professional audiences and buyers of 121,108 person/times from 83 countries and regions.

    Scope of Exhibition
    ◆ Raw materials for polyurethane: isocyanate, polyether polyol, polyester polyol, other polyol, low oligomer with active hydrogen, foaming agent, catalyst, fire retardant, foam stabilizer and other auxiliaries (solvent, plasticizer, antiager, stabilizer, mould release agent, pigment, filler, etc.);
    ◆ Polyurethane products (semi-finished products): polyurethane foam (soft/hard), polyurethane elastomer, polyurethane shoe sole stoste, modular solution, polyurethane leather resin, polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex), polyurethane adhesive, polyurethane sealant, polyurethane packaging system, polyureas, polyurethane coating (solvent type polyurethane coating, non-solvent type polyurethane coating, aqueous polyurethane coating, polyurethane painting) and other specific polyurethane products.
    ◆ Polyurethane equipment: polyurethane high (low) pressure perfusion foaming machine, horizontal continuous foaming machine, spraying foaming machine, sponge cutting machine, regenerated sponge machine.

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